Our 6kW, 8kW, or 10kW hybrid solar systems offer uninterrupted guaranteed electricity to your home! Most solar systems are grid-tied when the power goes out 
electricity is shut off and the system shuts down with no electricity. Sophisticated hybrid systems offer critical load secure electricity by utilizing  Colored Solar™ panels combined with  power storage solutions keeping your power on by "islanding," or disconnecting itself from the grid when an outage is detected. Backup power during daylight hours with Colored Solar™ panels, without the  expense of storage. Guaranteed critical load backup power designs, and installs Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LFP) power storage technology. We provide innovative high quality, safe, environmentally friendly, made in the USA products that out last any lead acid battery!
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Using for example the Tesla backup switch with the Tesla Powerwall plugging into your meter it will automatically monitor, control connection to the grid. This controller provides energy consumption monitoring in real-time of your homes usage, to augment your existing meter panel that disconnects from the grid with outages. The electricity will continue to be provided by the Tesla Powerwall for 13.5kwh.


We design and deploy Colored Solar + power storage to allow clients to be grid independent. In many parts of the country, and the world the reliability of the electric grid is vital to achieve energy independence to feel safe and secure knowing that your energy system will not fail.



Colored Solar™ panels combined with EV charging makes perfect sense. EV's Level 2 CCS / NACS charging powered by your home's solar is the best investment to be self sustainable for as little as 1-2 days/month of solar will be devoted to charging the car = ROI (plus no money spent on gas). 
EV charging usage or driving consumption example:
37 miles per day of driving / 3.82 miles per kWh = ~9.5kWh day
Colored Solarproduction example:
10kW of solar x 5.5 hours of sun = ~55kWh solar per day. 
Typically, it costs just $415 annually to charge your vehicle using solar power at your home, while it will cost $662 on grid power and $1,058 on a public EV charge. In contrast, it can cost up to $1,260 annually to fill a gas car’s tank, at $25 per fill up per week.

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EV2H EV2G/Fast Charging Game Changer!

Level 2 faster charging, with NACS chargers the speed alone is worth the time saved, upto 44 miles/per hour charging 240V/40A circuit, with 200A service panel. Expect to pay 30¢ per kWh to charge on Level 2, and 40¢ per kWh for DC fast charging. At these rates, the same Nissan LEAF with a 150-mile range and 40kWh battery would cost about $12 to fully charge (from empty to full) using Level 2, and $16 with DC fast charging.


We design and deploy Colored Solar + EV charging to allow clients to utilize energy ecosystem soiutions charging your car from the sun at your home, no gas stations, or Grid electricity. Ask about bidirectional EV charging creating a solar-powered, all-in-one home energy system that further unlocks electrification, resilience, savings, and control.

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