Colored Solar's™ innovative solar ecosystems utilize the highest quality components and our products are designed, and engineered to exceed industry standards, certifed to UL 61730, Underwriters Labratories and the CEC California Electric Commission with the highest bankability.

Our solar panels have been performance validated at the US Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy labs, and the National Center for Photovoltaics. With a variety of colors to choose from our products broaden the range of applications for solar PV, particularly where the products can be seen.

Black solar panels installed today will still look BLACK in 2050,
Colored Solar™ products are attractive, attention to detail, and enable the architect or developer to integrate them more creatively into building structures. Historic buildings, HOA's CC&R, new home construction, the possibilities are endless.

IV Curve Tested

Our pioneering solar technology has been performance tested at the best international labs. The IV curve validates that our Stylish Solar Panels™ will perform as specified and are backed by a manufactured warranty for the 25+ year lifetime of the product.

Quality Without Compromise

In the past, solar cells could only be produced in indigo hues, due to the antireflection film coated on the cell surface. The monochrome color of these cells inhibited its use in aesthetic design, and thus posed limits to its popularity and adoption.

Our colorized solar panels do not hamper conversion efficiency, and its design can be combined with the exterior hues of buildings and houses, to enhance color coordination. Colored Solar™ panels will lead the way into an "era of color", which will not only expand solar cell application, but will also greatly enhance its product value, ROI, fuel your EV vehicle, and power the home V2G and V2H at night/grid outtage.



For over 10 years Colored Solar™ panels have been safely performing on rooftops all over the US, and the world. Colored Solar™ provides aesthetically pleasing solar energy options that do not compromise energy production, performance of premium priced solar panels. Our products will further contribute to cool roof programs with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and validate that variant Colored Solar™ panels reduce structural heat flux, thermal emittance and a reduction to the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect. Cool roofs transfers less heat where the solar panels act as a canopy to the building below, so the structure stays cooler and uses less energy for air conditioning. Read more...

Air Conditioning Accounts
for $40 Billion in the US.


It is a well known fact that wearing a black t-shirt on a hot summer day will attract more heat than other colors. Heat or thermal temperature is different than wavelengths of sunlight which are being absorbed by solar panels. The Stylish Solar Panels™ will produce almost 25 degrees less heat flux on a roof which decreases the heat absorbtion to the structure below, compared to a black solar panel! 

Read it from a Third Party; the EPA.
Heat Island Effect in Urban Environments

Yes all products are tax deductible for, Solar Tax Credits for 2023 , EV Tax Credits for 2023

We have taken your guess work out of the math equation. That is what you will be paying for, professional product engineered science. We turn customers down all the time because of their lack of environmental science knowledgeability, and demand for the impossible, simply your not our customer.


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